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"It is a very long time since I have read such an honest, sensitive and compelling book. I read the manuscript in one sitting, I simply could not put it down." George Carey, Former Archbishop of Canterbury.

On February 6th 1981 Babs Jack’s life changed forever when her daughter Grace was stillborn. Over the coming months and years, this loss would have a profound impact on the lives of Babs and her husband, as well as their family and numerous others.

This is the true story of one mother’s life journey, recalling the magic of childhood, teenage uncertainty and adult dreaming: a story that shows us the importance of memories, both happy and sad, and how they contribute to shaping the people we become.

Exploring some of the hardest issues we face in life, such as guilt, hopelessness and despair, Babs guides us through dealing with death, grief and heartache, and the journey of overcoming guilt and repression. Her story demonstrates how a potentially unbearable burden can be positively woven into our memories and everyday lives. Jack Frost Came Last Night inspires us to see how trust in God and His grace opens up a resting place of healing, peace and hope.

"This is an amazing book. Babs writes from her own experience, but in so doing manages to share important insights on the whole issue of loss, grief and suffering. I heartily recommend it to anyone struggling with loss or wanting to come alongside others to help them grieve." Heather Churchill, Head of Counselling Training, CWR